Eco-friendly packaging materials that think of health and nature

Koskopaper's eco-friendly packaging is a pollution-free product in the idea of consumer health and the future of the environment, from manufacturing to use to disposal.

Eco-friendly water-soluble coating

Koskopaper uses biodegradable coatings that are recyclable and harmless to the human body through the holding of patents for eco-friendly, water-soluble coating technology.

Excellent water resistance

Suitable for the production of paper straws and paper cups with a strong component in water

Excellent oil resistance

Suitable for the production of oily paper for food and ramen containers

High heat resistance

Without deformation above 140°, it can be used for hot drinks and microwave foods

Excellent sealing function

The possibility of sealing with heat without the use of additional adhesives

No environmental hormone

No discharge of environmental hormones at use and incineration

The virtuous cycle to nature

Easy to rot and recycle when reclaiming

Patent application

Holding of a patent for Tethys eco-friendly coating technology

Passed the food test

Holding the result of passing a high level of test suitable for food containers

100% harmless to the human body

Non-use of all chemicals harmful to the human body

Certification of eco-friendly mark

The possibility of obtaining eco-friendly certification from the Ministry of Environment (essential to obtain of each product)

The technology of application of various packaging

The possibility of wide-ranging application of various types of paper

The effect of reducing the use of plastic

Reducing the use of plastic with the use of water-soluble coating instead of plastic

'We think of humans'

Eco-friendly packaging is the packaging of pollution-free, recyclable, water-soluble coating developed for human and environmental purposes. Koskopaper's is always committed to the development of consumer safety and the best quality for the future environment.


Eco-coating is a new concept that is distinguished from PE coating (vinyl coating), and is a new coating technology using water-soluble polymers that do not use substances harmful to the human body and the environment.

No harm to the human body

Koskopaper's eco-friendly food packaging is a water-soluble-coated packaging, which is not harmful to the human body because there is no emission of environmental hormones when manufactured, used, or incinerated.

Eco-friendly product

Koskopaper's eco-friendly food packaging is eco-friendly with a structure that easily rots during landfill and has a virtuous cycle of nature without harmful substances due to easy recycling.
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