A company that thinks of the humans and the environment

Koskopaper is working on thinking about the future of consumer health and the environment and a better pursuit of the value and the environment through eco-friendly manufacturing technology.

Koskopaper, a continuously developing company

Koskopaper always strives to achieve product innovation through continuous research and development to satisfy customers with excellent products.
Corporate Philosophy

'See the better world'

Koskopaper thinks of humans and the environment and strives for a better world.

'The nation's No. 1' producer of eco paper

Koskopaper is trying to become the largest eco-paper production company in Korea that can be trusted and used by consumers with its long-standing know-how and technology.

'Humans' and the 'environment'

Koskopaper is committed to the development of eco-friendly paper materials and products to present solutions to global environmental problems.