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[New product launch] Launch of a new product of non-untangling "b…

Kosko Paper is based on the technology of manufacturing eco-friendly paper packaging. As the survey says, "7 out of 10 home plastic waste are food plastics" (Kyunghyang Newspaper, 21.1.15, '7 out of 10 home plastic waste are 'food packaging materials'), our development of paper alternatives in the market for food packaging materials with rampant use of plastic is based on the belief in the protection of the environment. 

This time, made of highly waterproof paper made of Kosko Paper's unique water-soluble coating Tethys technology, our paper straw has excellent functionality that does not go untangled for more than 10 hours unlike other competing products and can be used in both hot and cold drinks.

We also made efforts to make the best products in the industry, such as minimizing additives and making them safer by combining the technology of manufacturing straws that have been "baked" and molded with heat without using adhesives, and responding to concerns about forest protection through the use of paper certified by the FSC.